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Heal your life in the Blink of an eye!

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     Jeanne M. Horner

My Story...

Heal your life in the Blink of an eye!

Rapid Eye Technology and Reiki Healing Technique are not intended to diagnose any medical or mental health condition or replace competent licensed medical or mental health assistance. They are for spiritual healing, to facilitate a person’s connection  to their highest potential.






My life has been forever transformed through Rapid Eye Technology. The life skills have given me purpose and allowed me to find my way out of deep depression . My marriage was failing, my family was estranged, and I couldn't seem to make a decision if my life depended on it. It was at this point that I was introduced to Jane Santarsiere, a Master Rapid Eye Technician. Through the Rapid Eye Technology sessions, I not only released years of stuffed emotion, but was able to teach my body as well as my mind that I was a useful, loved, human being, and that the world was  a better place to live. In just twelve sessions I had a new lease on life! I was able to repair my marriage and bring  my family back together.  I felt the need to become a Rapid Eye Technician  so that I might be able to bring the knowledge of Rapid Eye to others who were struggling to find their way in the high stress world in which we live.

I am now a Master Rapid Eye Technician and Reiki Master-Teacher.

I am truly grateful for my life, my family, and all of the miracles that are taking place around me everyday. My life has been blessed through Rapid Eye and Reiki.




· RET is a technique which simulates the body's natural  process in (REM) sleep.

· RET is a breakthrough in the treatment of emotional stress of all kinds.

· RET is a safe, drug-free process that works quickly, no need for years of therapy.

· RET encourages people toward their awareness of being self-empowered, fully functioning, loving, caring, individuals who are connected to and exhibiting their highest potential.

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